What is Undetected Chromedriver?

Differences with Selenium Chromedriver

In web scraping, we often use tools that are not intended for web scraping but typically for browser automation and testing. Selenium is a typical case of this situation and, in fact, anti-bot solutions can understand when they are facing a scraper using a Selenium webdriver.

For this reason, the web scraping community has developed a webdriver intended for web scraping and here it comes Undetected Chromedriver.

Undetected Chromedriver GitHub page
Undetected Chromedriver GitHub page

Basically it’s a webdriver that has a fingerprint and settings that are comparable to a browser controlled by a human.

Usage example

The use of Undetected Chromedriver is very simple, you need only to install the package via pip and then import it into your python program like in the following example.

Undetected Chromedriver example
Undetected Chromedriver example

And here’s a video tutorial with a more detailed explanation of its the usage.

This post is written by Pierluigi Vinciguerra (pier@thewebscraping.club)

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