Who’s the club owner?

Hey, I’m Pierluigi Vinciguerra, co-founder of Databoutique.com and I’ve spent my past 10 years creating web scrapers.

I’m maintaining the Web Scraping Open Knowledge Project on Github and in this substack, I’ll write my points of view in a more extended form.

Why join the club?

If you work in the web scraping industry and you want to keep updated, I think you’ll like this substack.

You will get FOR FREE a weekly update with:

  • News about web scraping

  • Anti-bot software and techniques insights

  • Interviews with key people in the industry

  • Invite link to the Web Scraping Club Discord server

If you like what you read and want to know more, you should consider then joining The Privee, the paying subscription that allows you to get:

  • Access to Paid Content, like the post series called “The LAB”, where we’ll go deep diving with code real world cases (view here an example).

  • Access to the Github repository with the code seen on ‘The LAB”

  • Access to private channels on our Discord server

I will contact you directly via email in 24/48 hours after the subscription to config these accesses.

What are the rules of the Web Scraping Club?

The first rule of the Web Scraping club: talk to your friends about the Web Scraping Club.

Second rule: talk also to your colleagues about the Web Scraping Club.

The third rule: if someone yells “Help, I’m stuck with this website” in our discord server, the club should try to help him

The fourth rule: the more we are, the more we know.

Fifth rule: only one topic per newsletter, so we can focus on an argument.

Sixth rule: our scrapers are not for harm. No scraping of personal information, bots for buying from e-commerce websites, and so on.

Seventh rule: No fixed length posts. They will last as much as needed.

Eight rule: if you’re new to the club, drop a Hi on our discord server.

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Pierluigi Vinciguerra 

Co Founder of Databoutique.com, web scraper with 10+ years of experience

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