Hello there

Hi, I’m Pierluigi, co-founder of Databoutique.com, a marketplace for web-scraped data, and owner of The Web Scraping Club.

I’ve been in the web scraping industry for 10+ years and I’ve always found that a place where openly discuss web scraping techniques was missing. Since it’s becoming harder and harder, in mid-2022 I created it and called it The Web Scraping Club.

I don’t need to sell anything to you, there’s no hidden promotion of services and you’ll always find both OSS and commercial solutions used to solve the most common issues we have in this industry.

Most of the content is free: on Tuesdays, we’ll host some partners who share their expertise in domains I’m not able to cover by myself, while on Sundays I write my two cents about tools, techniques, and a free web scraping course called “Web Scraping from 0 to Hero”.

On Thursdays, there’s a bonus article series, called The Lab, where we’ll go more in-depth about a specific issue, like bypassing a certain anti-bot solution or some tools to try. These articles are reserved for paying subscribers since they are more challenging and time-consuming to write.

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Co Founder of Databoutique.com, web scraper with 10+ years of experience