Scrapecon and The Web Scraping Club contest

Scrapecon 2023 - The event

Scrapecon 2023, hosted by Bright Data, is one of the most important events about web scraping. It will happen online on the 7th of November, starting from 2 pm CET, and as you can see from the full agenda there will be high-level profiles from Kaggle to Rakuten. An event cannot be missed.

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The Contest

During the event, there will be a panel, in collaboration with The Web Scraping Club, where a top-level jury will examine 3 web scraping projects. Between these three, there will be the winner of 2000$ in Bright Data credits and a year of paid subscription to The Web Scraping Club.

The judges, Darío Kondratiuk, Alexander Afanasyev, and Greg Gorlen, bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise in the realms of web scraping, Playwright, Puppeteer, Selenium, and more. The competition itself is a testament to the innovation and skill within the web scraping community.

How to participate in the contest

Participants have the opportunity to showcase their projects, delve deep into the logic and tools behind them, and stand a chance to win not only peer recognition but also a $2,000 Bright Data credit and an annual subscription to the Web Scraping Club.

All the participants who will successfully submit a project to the contest will be recognized with a month of paid content from The Web Scraping Club

The submission process is straightforward.

Interested participants are required to register on the ScrapeCon website, providing essential details about themselves and their projects. To ensure the authenticity and integrity of the competition, participants will also need to verify their ownership of the submitted project.

Submit your project

  • You'll be reached out via mail for communication about the Bright Data account where to deposit 50$ to eventually use for the project and to demonstrate ownership of the project.

Example of projects submittable:

  • packages / extensions for frameworks like Scrapy, Puppeteer, or Playwright

  • tools for making web scraping easier, like fingerprint injectors or CAPTCHA solver

  • complex web scrapers that bypass well-known anti-bots

Every project will be evaluated according to three criteria:

  • Technical execution: How much the project is technically well executed?

  • The difficulty of the project

  • Innovation: how much the solution makes web scraping easier

They could be projects you’ve been working on for a long ago or projects prepared for the contest, but no commercial products.

Submissions close on the 30th of October!

During the Scrapecon event, 3 of these projects will be chosen and discussed publicly by our experts. A winner will be declared live at the event. For every question, feel free to ask in our Discord server or at