Nimble x Web Scraping Club Challenge

Join the Ultimate Data Collection Challenge with Nimble and The Web Scraping Club!

We are excited to bring you a unique opportunity to push your skills and have some fun! Nimble and The Web Scraping Club are joining forces to organize an exclusive web scraping challenge.

💡The Challenge

Our partners at Nimble have designed a stimulating task that will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in data collection.

Each participant will be given access to Nimble’s data collection APIs for up to 72 hours to help them solve the challenge!

Whether you're an experienced data analyst, a budding data scientist, or simply a tech enthusiast with an interest in AI, this challenge is a fantastic chance to test your abilities and learn new skills.

Time and Date

The challenge will kick off on Tuesday, June 27th, and you'll have a non-stop, adrenaline-filled 72 hours to solve the task.


And there's more! The top 10 performers will be rewarded for their hard work and skills. Every one of the 10 winners will receive $1,000 in credits on Nimble's platform and a month of free content from the Web Scraping Club. The first-place winner will also receive a $500 Amazon gift card for their amazing achievement!

🔗How to Sign Up

Ready to dive in? To sign up, simply fill out our form here:

This is an incredible chance to get an in-depth, real-world look at Nimble’s data platform, win amazing prizes, and show off your data collection prowess! Remember, in data science, every experience is a step towards refining your skills and expanding your knowledge.

We hope to see many of you taking part in this unique challenge! We're confident it's going to be an exciting and enriching experience for everyone involved. Stay curious, stay determined, and may the best web scraper win!